Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 274

I thought I would try some shots of the beaded jewelry Fancy has made for me. This is the only complete set she has ever made – they are my special Christmas Concert pieces. I was just trying some different lighting and such. It would be great if I had a bust-type mannequin to hold the jewelry, but I don’t, so I used my DIY beauty dish with a well-loved piece of fleece over it. Please note in the pull-back shot that I used one flash shot through and umbrella, the diffuser panel of my reflector, one voice-activated backdrop stand, and one voice-activated reflector stand.

Here’s the pull-back…


Oh! In case you haven’t seen this…my first ever lightning shot!!


Tess said...

LOL! "voice-activated"!!! Love that lightning shot! I'll have to wait to get back to the Mainland for Lightning images. We just don't get it very often here.

snaphappee said...

That "voice-activated" thing was stolen from the Strobist, David Hobby.

Sandra said...

LOL - voice activated, that was funny.
Fancy made you some cool jewelry.
Awesome lightning shot - wow.

Amanda said...

Incredible lightning shot!!

Mel said...

Love the lightning! and that jewelry is beautiful!

BDSpellman said...

Great lightning shot. As the season is cranking up, I've been thinking of trying to get some, but so far no luck.

Thanks for sharing.

Your Organizing Guru said...

What a talented girl that Fancy is!

Awesome lightening!!


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