Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 259

I thought it was time to chronicle the daily tasks of a superdog.

After the trip outside for the necessary bathroom/bark break Superdog must have her nap.

Superdog takes a moment or two to check for scraps, then settles in as the sentry.
(That’s her alert look. ‘Thought you might need to be told.)

After a few more minutes of flopping from side to side and watching children pass by it’s time for speed bump duty.

All of that work is exhausting. By the time the kids have gone to bed, Superdog must rest.


Sandra said...

It's a doggy life for her . . .LOL
She stole my dogs "to do list"

I give . . .What's up with the eating toad in the morning?

Tess said...

Can she teach my dog to chill like that? I'd love to have a speed bump type dog! :) Great shots!

Brittany said...

That is too funny. I could totally tell which one was her alert look. It's the only one her head was up for. ;)

Amanda said...

Looks like a great dog!

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