Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 256

Here’s one of my barefoot boys. This one is Caleb, but it could just as easily be Nathan. I think the boys are allergic to shoes. You can kinda see that Caleb’s right big toe and left pinky toe are injured…does that encourage him to wear shoes? Not hardly. It encourages him to get Band-Aids that stay on for all of 3 minutes.

Barefoot boy

I took several photos of his bare feet as he was playing outside, but this was the only one that seemed to show movement. I decided that I wanted something more than just bare feet – I wanted some motion in it.


Tess said...

I agree, feet are feet but they are great pics when they show motion in some way! Those definitely look like little boys feet. Unless it is my girls. Sigh, I've got tomboys...they come by it honestly! LOL!

Leslie said...

I love feet pics - so innocent and childlike. cute pic.

Sandra said...

Wow! Injuries and they still refuse shoes? That'a boy, I guess. LOL My mom never allowed us to go barefooted so I never allowed my kids to either, unless we are at the beach.

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