Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 229

We had an interesting little drama going on at dinner time. Cheerio, aka Danger Kitty, had already gotten a mouse, and was now eyeing the local robins (nesting in our maple tree). The robins were having something to say about this. Both robins were chirping angrily and hopping along the fence as Cheerio moved around the yard. I didn’t have a wide enough lens to get more than one player in this drama into the frame.

Danger kitty
“Danger Kitty” surveying her kingdom.

Unhappy Robin number 1
Unhappy robin #1 telling Cheerio to shove off.

Unhappy Robin number 2
Unhappy robin #2 telling me to get out of his/her face. (They were both chattering constantly, but I still didn’t catch either of them actually “speaking.”)

For the photographers reading this, I have to tell you that the soft gray background is the road in front of our street. These were shot with my 70-300 at 300mm.


Your Organizing Guru said...

now you've done it.
it is stuck in my head.

"Robin in the rain.
Such a saucy fellow.
Robin in the rain.
Mind your socks of yellow."

Tess said...

That must have been some show! Very nice pictures with great bokeh!

Amanda said...

Great shots!! Thanks for sharing which lens you used...I was wondering before I read that! Who won?....

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