Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 209

(This is a very long post for my 365 because I just used the same one I posted on my family blog.) It has been busy, busy, busy around Scrivnerburg today!

The day started with Andrew concocting a new recipe…would you like some Fried Honey Dinosaurs?
Fried honey dinosaurs

Dale came up with an invention today – not a new thing for him, but I thought this one was pretty clever. One of these days he will be able to make some money off his inventions! This particular one is a new way to fill a water balloon…
Dale's invention 1  Dale's invention 2
The first photo is just to show what the contraption is (water bottle with a water balloon nozzle attached). The second shot shows him successfully filling the balloon without getting everything wet. Please also note the lovely grass behind him. Isn’t that wonderful!?!?

Tomorrow is Fancy’s 16th birthday, so we’re celebrating it today. Ken and I sent Fancy and three of her friends on a treasure hunt around town that ended at Fiesta En Jalisco for dinner. It took us a lot longer to prepare the excursion than it took them to finish it!

After dinner, Fancy and her friends came back to the house to celebrate with the rest of the family and extended family.
Fancy's cake

Fancy's party decor

Here are most of the grownups who attended (I was busy taking the photo)…
Fancy's party grownups 

Fancy opened her gifts…
Fancy with necklace
(This necklace was a gift from Grandma – she had received it for her 16th birthday.)

Fancy with paints
(Fancy loves art, so this was a great gift for her.)

And then she and her friends went down to the basement (dark, dark basement – sorry for the grainy photos) to watch movies.
Fancy and Shane

Josh and Chelsea

But it wasn’t all fun and games in Scrivnerburg today. Caleb had a crash-and-burn on the sidewalk today, and scraped his knee up pretty badly. It has been a terrible trauma for him.
Caleb's owie

This injury didn’t occur today (it actually happened 2 days ago), but I finally got a shot that really shows Austin’s poor eye. He and a friend collided on the playground, and it looks like Austin got the wrong end of the collision.
Austin's black eye

(I’m amused as I look at these last two photos – Caleb and Austin look like blood brothers, but they’re not. God knew what he was doing when He put this family together!)

So there you have it. A very busy day in Scrivnerburg!


Amanda said...

I does look like a really busy day! Happy birthday Fancy!! The photo that stands out to me is the close up of her. The necklace is beautiful!

Sandra said...

Wow it has been a very, very busy day! The images of fancy are very nice "happy birthday Fancy" looks like she had a great day.
Your poor boys . . .I have a feeling there are more of those to come.

Tess said...

Happy Birthday, Fancy! What a great way to surprise her with dinner!

Your poor poor boys!

Sounds like a very busy day!

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