Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 202

I took some photos today! I haven’t done much with my camera lately, but I did get outside a bit today. Here are a few random shots…

baby grass
We truly do have grass growing in our front yard! Whoohoo!

go to the ant
Go to the ant, thou sluggard” – or run from it, in Caleb’s case. 

little hand big foot
Caleb thought Daddy’s bare foot was very funny.


Your Organizing Guru said...

I run from ants too. Smart boy, that one. ~J

Sandra said...

He's a boy he's supposed to pick up the ants and scare his sisters and mom! Oh wait, that's next year. LOL Too funny. Nice grass now how do you plan on getting rid of the day without damagin the new grass?''

Eric L said...

Lol, running from ants, I used to feel the same!

Leslie said...

YAY for grass!! What is your weather like now?

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