Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 187

I didn’t forget today!

I met with some of my friends at The Olde Coffee Mill again this morning. Eric, be warned – food photos ahead! I tried again to get some acceptable photos of their beautiful breads. Once I got home I discovered some things I wish I had done. Oh well.

TOCM breads 1

TOCM breads 2

TOCM cinnamon rolls 2 
(I wish I had taken the tray out of the case and shot all the way to the bottom of the tray. I cropped – in camera – right above the tray. Grrr.)

This is obviously not food. They have this collection of hats that sometimes hangs on/around a mirror, but today they were artfully stacked on a surface. I thought the arrangement and colors were neat. 
TOCM hats cross process blue
(This shot has a “glamour” glow effect on it.)


Tess said...

You are evil! Those look SOOO yummy! Hope your treadmill workout was a good one! :)

Sandra said...

Oh Elli, I need a cookie fix.
I love the glamour shot.

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