Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 185

Hey! I passed the halfway point without noticing! I’ve over halfway done with my photo year! Wow!

I got to take a few snaps of Miss Serenity again today. She is just too, too, too cute!

Sweet Serenity

Coy Serenity

By the way, these were shot with natural light with the black side of  my reflector as a backdrop. These were in-camera crop because I just snapped quickly while Serenity was in the pretty light and being compliant. I had my 50mm on so I didn’t have room to move for a better crop. Oh well…I like these anyway.


Sandra said...

She is really, really cute. Good job with the lighting. Does that mean that you recieved your triggers?

Tess said...

I like them! I love that jacket she has on, too! Nice bright colors!

Eric L said...

I like them Elli! Great shots, and halfway already!? I wonder where I am? Good to hear on Sandra's blog you got your trigger setup back, though it looks like you manage natural light just fine :p

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