Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 181

I just totally spaced posting my 365 yesterday! I took a bunch of pictures – nothing spectacular – so I had photos to post. I just didn’t! So here it is for Saturday…

V on the slide

I like the clarity of this one, and the fact that Virginia (neighbor’s daughter) isn’t posing for the camera. When she sees the camera come out she strikes a pose, so it’s very hard to get a natural expression from her.

We took our kids and the two neighbor girls to the park to test out Ken’s (and Andrew’s) catapult. They were catapulting Easter eggs…

Flying egg 2

Their best distance was 14’6”. Ken wants to get better bungees on there to improve the distance. Fun stuff!


Eric L said...

Elli, if you get them to put a longer board on there for thier swinging arm, that'll increade thier distance as well. The longer end n the bungie side will stretch the bungie farther, so it'll snap back faster, so long as you make sure to attach it in such a way, that it doesn't screw up the launch angle, which looks pretty good. The longer end on the launching will let the egg move faster pre-launch, so will launch farther.

If they want to really make a project out of it, I can PM you a firing design that I've seen before, fun, and super powerful!

Tess said...

that looks like a GREAT park! What fun to have a catapult to launch things with. :)

Sandra said...

Looks like fun!

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