Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 177

Sorry Eric, but this is truly the only photo I took today. (Poor Eric always wants us to share when we post food.)

Peanut Butter Tigger Cookies

For those of you who are part of our Health Challenge on Facebook, I did NOT eat a single bit! Not a taste of cookie dough, not a crumb, nothing!

I was happy with the clarity and DOF on this though. So I get to enjoy these cookies with no calories!


Sandra said...

What challenge?
Yummy is all I can say.

Amanda said...

Cute cookies!! Great job not having any!

Tess said...

Good for you! I can't say I wouldn't have tried at least one. :) But, I've told myself that if I want something, I can have it if I"m really hungry, have tried water or fruit, and only in moderation. That way I'm not denying myself anything. It always backfires when I deny my craving.

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