Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 174

My sweetie had a surprise birthday party for me today! Yay! We had friends and family over for cake, presents, and fun! Thank you, Kenny, for doing such a wonderful thing for me! The group we had over was just perfect! (Although I wish I had cleaned my house a bit.)

Here are a few photos from the party…

Party 3
Isn’t this great idea for a birthday cake? Me at 4 and me at 40. I love it!

Party 5
My darling with his black bow – we wore black armbands to mourn the passing of my youth. (Ken just wore his strangely.)

Party 6
My mom and my friend’s son enjoying their cake and ice cream.


Party 1

A photography book!


Party 2

Hand-blown glass ornaments
Party 4

A lovely photo frame

 Party 7

This beautiful ring is from my darling husband.


Leslie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! How sweet that they threw you a party. That cake is awesome :)

Amanda said...

Happy 40th Birthday Elli!! Great cake and gifts. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Tess said...

Happy Birthday! That looks like a great party and what great and thoughtful gifts! :)

Mel said...

Happy Birthday!!! looks like you had a great day! and I love that cake too! What a great idea!

Sandra said...

Wow that was really nice of your honey. Great gifts. Hope you had a great day of celebrations!

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