Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 167

We had quite a busy day today! Today is actually Nathan’s birthday, but since we celebrated yesterday, it was a kinda low key birthday. Nathan has his own way of celebrating being six…he came out of his bedroom this morning dressed in a pair of shorts and a pair of gloves. But it’s spring in Montana, so one doesn’t need gloves on one’s hands… (see photo 3 in the collage).

We decorated eggs today…fun, colorful stuff! Some of our eggs came out beautifully speckled. I love those!

Ken wanted some pictures of the kids playing at their favorite playground – his truck. They love to be in the back of his truck, even if nothing is going on in there! And the shot of Ken and Caleb is called “Playground Injury”. I don’t know what happened, but somehow Caleb got hurt. I can’t imagine how a 3 year old could possibly get hurt while playing in the bed of a truck with 7 other kids. Huh.

Easter Eve collage

(credit for this collage template goes to the fabulous Catie Stephens)


Your Organizing Guru said...

I don't have the energy to bake a cake and do eggs. B opted to make a bunny cake so that is what we did. ~J

Sandra said...

Wow where do I start?
You look like your running a day care there - LOL
Your eggs look fabulous, your birthday boys outfit made me laugh, I hope your baby is O.K. and what a great playground your kids found!
You do have alot of energy.
Great pictures.

Tess said...

Wow! I love your eggs! It looks like such fun to play in the back of the truck, too. Can I come over and play?

Amanda said...

Great collage! It looks like a lot of good family fun.

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