Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 163

(Hey! They changed Windows Live Writer!)

My wireless flash trigger gave up on me today. Ergh. It’s been giving me fits off and on, but today it finally said, “I’m done.” I guess I need to get a new one…I’m totally stuck on off-camera flash!

Fancy got a new hair style today. It’s very cute! I tried to get some good shots using OFC, and I discovered that my trigger died, so the shots I got were all without flash. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera set to shoot without the flash, so they were waaaaay underexposed. I guess I could have changed my settings and tried again, but I got wrapped up in trying to diagnose the trigger problem, and gave up on shooting. So here’s a shot of Fancy that I tried to “save”. It’s noisy and the sun and shadows are all messy…oh well.

Fancys new do


Amanda said...

I like her new haircut! She looks really cute. Sorry to hear about your flash trigger.

Brittany said...

Even "noisy and messy" (which is nothing compared to my shots), her hair is still adorable!

Sandra said...

It is an adorable hair cut and she looks so happy. Nice job even with the issues you were having. I hope you can solve the problem.

Tess said...

cute Haircut! And I would never have known it was a save until you told me! :P

Leslie said...

She is so pretty. Love the 'do too. Bummer about your transmitter. I still need to get one - I am dying to do OCF!

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