Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 145

My neighbor was up welding at 6 am!! He was leaving for California today, and I guess he thought his trailer should all be in one piece when he left.

Vance welding

This afternoon and evening Austin washed dishes. And washed dishes. And washed dishes. He didn't do them when they were his chore (Monday), so he was given the opportunity to practice all week. Two more times he did not do he got to start on them when he got home from school today. He finally finished about half an hour after bedtime. (By the way, I DID do the dishes between - I have to or we don't get to use dishes! I just left all of today's for him to do.)

Austin washing dishes 
I entered this one in the bi-weekly challenge on OPS. The challenge (that ends tomorrow, OPSers!) is "hands at work".


Tess said...

OH! I love that entry! Lol at the "chance to practice." :)

Sandra said...

Great image. Hands at work and reflections!

Your Organizing Guru said...

That is a great capture of his reflection! ~J

Design by Jenn said...

cool shot! That's so funny ... way to spend your day, Austin!

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