Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 129

Once again I was out practicing with my flash and umbrella in my front yard. Yes, people stare as they drive by. Some smile indulgently. Some even laugh. One older woman craned her neck around to keep her eyes on what was going on in our front yard. I don't mind being gawked at. Maybe they'll come to me when they need a photo done.

Ken outdoors with flash watermarked

Ken on fence again watermarked

Ken headshot watermarked


Brittany said...

I like that second one - and the clouds over the Mt are beautiful!

Tess said...

These are wonderful images of your hubby!

Amanda said...

It looks like a great lighting technique for fill flash outside!

Sandra said...

These are all really good but I agree with Brittany - I love seeing the mountains in the background. Awesome work Elli

Eric L said...

Elli, way to go with the fill flash, one more thing you seem to have gotten down pat so fast!

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