Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 116

Still not many shots of those Culps!! I have more than I had yesterday, but they're still snapshots, not quality photos.

Aidan and Philip
Good morning, Aidan and Philip!

Ethan natural light
Ethan - this shot was taken with natural light from a window.

Kate and her shoe
Kate can put on her shoes! I was impressed!

Ken and Caleb in studio
My blog would not be complete without a shot of Caleb! (And his handsome daddy.) This was taken in my studio.

The kids are all getting along well...Ethan, Aidan, and Caleb spent hours out in the backyard today. It was great! This visit is just going by too quickly!


Eric L said...

Jenn hiding from the camera? ;)

Nice shot's Elli, glad to see you enjoying yourself!

Amanda said...

This is nice group of shots! I'm glad that you're having a nice week together!

Sandra said...

Hey yeah, where is Jenn hiding? Great shots - they look right at home (well of coarse they are!) Great shots Elli. Hope your time together doesn't "fly" by too quickly.

Tess said...

Nice pictures! Enjoy the time.

Fingers To Toes Photography said...

AWW so cute, I love the last one.

Your Organizing Guru said...

Brian is just figuring out shoes... so I'm throwing socks into the mix! lol. Great job on Kate.
Great shots from you, btw!

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