Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 108

Mom, Felice and I went and did "nothing" for a while this morning/early afternoon. Well, not quite nothing, but we got the serious business out of the way early, and then moved on to brunch, puttering, and shopping. I took them into the Bitterroot Mountains to see Blodgett Canyon - it was a narrow, icy road for part of the trip, but it's such a great area. When the weather is better we'll take the road that goes to the lookout - but it was too icy for that today.


Blodgett 2

Another late addition... my mom bought this wonderful apple cookie jar for me today. I love it!!

Beautiful apple


Your Organizing Guru said...

I really like that first shot. And I can't believe you have snow! LOL

Sandra said...

It's gorgeous. Makes for great scenic shots!

Amanda said...

That looks beautiful! It's so exciting for me to see mountains, even in pictures! Great shots!

Anonymous said...

I too love the first shot !bassetcase

Tess said...

Beautiful shots and I love that cookie jar!

Gina said...

That first shot is just incredible.

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