Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 63

I didn't get any really great pictures today. It rained and rained and I barely even took my camera outside. The indoor shots I took today weren't worth posting...ergh. I did learn some great things from articles on the web:

Dragging the shutter (something I've been working on)

DIY projects for a home studio

And here's my photo for today. whoohoo.

Our snow
This is what most of our snow looks like now.


Tess said...

I love this! it has great texture and shows the rainy wet of the day. :)

Amanda said...

That looks so cold!! Colder than snow! I really like the texture.

Sandra said...

The whole point is to learn right? and learning to drag the shutter is a pretty good lesson. Hey besides we're becoming familiar with all of these photographic terms. Pretty soon we'll be pros!

Design by Jenn said...

Slushy mess :( Ick! I've never done anything with dragging the shutter before ... never even looked into it before. Looks interesting! There's so much to learn!
You should take your 50 and get some bokeh shots .... even just with dead weeds, it still looks really cool :)

Phil Reges said...

Great pic, I was out just yesterday and took a similar picture! Mine was on blacktop though. Great idea ;)

Eric L said...

Nice job, on the last three posts, your really rockin with that 50mm :)

Great job with the shutter drag, glad it's going so well :)

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