Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 57

I went shopping in "town" with my mother-in-law...that's all I did!! I barely had a chance to pick up my camera (although I took it with me), and when it did, it was just to shoot this sign so I could have a shot for my 365. Terrible photo...but I didn't want to miss a day!

Day 57


Mel said...

you have some dedication! I'm afraid to go shopping until after Christmas, everyone has been coming home from deployments and even the gas stations are crazy right now!

Tess said...

You really are dedicated! :) Good for you!

Eric L said...

Comments all-in-one for the last 4 days :)

Great shots with the christmas tree, very nice, even if a little close cutting ;)

I like the photo of Ken, particularly without the filter.

Love those berries, beutiful.

I assume you had fun shopping?

Amanda said...

You and me both, doing free advertising for these corporations... ;) It looks like you have snow everywhere!

Design by Jenn said...

Wait ... shopko? Why does that sound familiar?

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