Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 50

My sweet mother-in-law invited us (Ken, Caleb, Mom and me) out to lunch today. It's a beautiful day out if you don't mind a chill. It's finally clear, and there's a lovely dusting of snow everywhere. Of course, it's still cold enough to freeze the end of your nose off, but let's not ruin the "Winter Wonderland" fantasy with reality.

I took this shot from the street outside the restaurant. It would have been even nicer if these people had their homes decorated! Don't they realize it's the Christmas season?

Day 50

(Maybe I'll go "photoshop" in some Christmas trees! LOL!)


Amanda said...

Very nice photo! I love the mountains! Montana is so beautiful! We went 2 years ago, but not during the winter.

Your Organizing Guru said...

I have only one word for you today.... Brrrrrr. :) ~J

Sandra said...

Beautiful shot!

Eric L said...

Very nice photo! Please leave out the christmas tree's though ;)

Tess said...

I've never been to Montana, but it looks gorgeous!

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