Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 47

Good heavens! Another day without a good photo! I spent the whole day working on mundane stuff, and didn't get a good chance for shooting. We did go in to get Caleb's cast off, and the hospital has a policy against taking photos indoors, but I took a shot of the Dr's office entrance!

Day 47


Brittany said...

I'm glad that he got his cast off! I wonder why you can't take pictures inside the hospital?

Mel said...

glad he got the cast off! Did you save it? I wanted to save mine when I broke my arm in middle school but mom nixed that one real quick, I have pack rat tendencies ;-)

Tess said...

Yay!!! No more cast!

Sandra said...

So it's off? Wow that was pretty quick.

Design by Jenn said...

YAY :)
Did you get yelled at? Or did you know before hand that cameras weren't allowed?
We did that once but we got yelled at by the staff :) It was really embarrassing!

snaphappee said...

I actually found out about the policy when I took Caleb into the ER. I asked before taking any pictures, and the dr. very kindly told me it was against hospital policy.

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