Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 45

I was practicing with available light in my dining room... I only have one person around to practice on during the day, so here he is again!

Day 45c

I didn't have much photo time during daylight hours today because I spent the entire day looking for my kids' social security cards. I was sure they were in the "the" file with the birth certificates, etc. Nope. Does anyone know where the social security cards are? 


Brittany said...

That lighting is awesome! One of these days back up and take a picture of your set-up. What are you using for backdrop?

Your son is sooooo beautiful! And look at his poor little cast! What a trooper!

I lose my kid's birth certificates and SS cards all the time. I give up. I have a place for them and they're never there when I need them. Don't even ask me where my marriage license is - I haven't seen it since I applied for my passport! Good luck finding it. If you find mine, let me know, ok?

Tess said...

Hi Caleb! Nice blue cast! Thank you for smiling for Mommy! :)

Mel said...

I finally broke down and reordered my birth certificate because I couldn't find it for almost a year lol so maybe it is hiding with your cards and Brittany's marriage license haha!

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