Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 13

I went for a very short photo walk this morning, and when I got back and looked at my foggy fall photos, I couldn't decide on which one would be my 365. I'm indecisive, so you get more than one.

I love foggy fall mornings!

foggy fall
The view down the nearest cross street.


tree moss
Moss on our maple tree


foggy fall 3
A different view down the cross street.  


Tess said...

I like the third one the best! :)

Brittany said...

Holy Smokes! Your photography is getting better by leaps and bounds. Your composition is amazing! GREAT JOB!

Anonymous said...

I too like the 3rd ine best.It woild nake a great painting.Evalyn

BusyBee said...

Me too on the third. How about printing it on canvas and stretching it around a frame?

MamaCass07 said...

Elli, your photography really strikes a cord in my heart. Its so...beautiful, eloquent....there are no words for your artistic flair...

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