Monday, October 27, 2008

The start of a new adventure

Some of my photography friends have encouraged me to join them in a 365 project - taking and posting one photo a day for 365 days. Mine will just be photos of my family life - no specific topic. I'm looking forward to seeing the changes as the year progresses! Thanks for starting this journey with me!

Here's my day 1 photo - Caleb getting off the bus. If you're following my other blogs (What's Up in Scrivnerburg; A Life of Joy Photography) you probably know that we've had some issues with Caleb and the bus, but he seems to have moved past those, and now enjoys the bus again.

Home from school


Brittany said...

His face is too cute! Welcome to the 365 world! :)

Eric L said...

Yay, you're doing it!

Great first post, lookin foward to the next 360 somthing from this whole group :)

Eric L said...

Whops, poste dbefore I was done. Congrats to Caleb for getting on. Glad he's back on his feet.

Sandra said...

Aw how cute!
I'm glad your joining us in the 365.

TERESA said...

Wow ! Caleb sure is getting bigger
and cuter. Love these pictures.

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